Start eating these 7 foods the moment you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer

The cancer has become one of the greatest causes of death in the past decades. Its terrible effects have marked the lives of millions. Each person is terrified just by the very notion of cancer and when faced, there is a pessimistic feeling of helplessness immediately.

But the question is, how people can protect themselves and many others from the terrible effects of cancer.

The answer is so simple,by food. Some foods are capable of inhibiting cancer in a natural way. You may not be aware that you probably have them in your kitchen. Yes, that easy. Get them out of your kitchen and place them in your meals.

What is Cancer?

One of the main roles that plays in the creation of cancer is the process of angiogenesis. It is a vital process through which new blood cells are created.

It is controlled by chemical signals, called angiogenesis inhibitors that signal when the damaged blood vessels need to be repaired into new ones. When the organism is healthy, there is a balance between the chemical signals and their effects.

However, when a tumor is developed, it needs a blood supply in order to grow, sending a signal for angiogenesis. The created blood vessels feed the tumor with the needed oxygen and nutrients in order to metastasize.

How the Food can Help?

The seven foods that we will enlist are antiangiogenic agents or angiogenesis inhibitors. They imbalance the process of metastasizing, blocking the formation of new blood vessels which feed the tumor. According to the scientists these foods can slow the growth of cancer or even stop its formation:

Green Tea

Along its antioxidant potent, this tea contains polyphenol catechins, a substance famous for its chemopreventive and antiangiogenic properties. According to the conducted studies, only 2-3 cups of green tea daily, can inhibit the angiogenic signals by 70% and reduce the tumor growth by 50%.


The molecules in curry are great cancerous cell killers by attacking them within 24 hours until the spice is consumed. This spice is put under deeper analysis because it is seen as a potential cure for cancer. It is suggest to include this super healthy spice in your kitchen.


Turmeric as well possesses chemopreventive and antiangiogenic properties, acting mainly in the intestines, liver, stomach and skin. According to a conducted research, the participants consumed 4g of turmeric every day and showed 40% of reduced premalignant markers.

Resveratrol Supplements

Resveratrol due to its phytoalexin and polyphenol properties acts both as inhibitor and antioxidant. In this case it serves as an angiogenesis inhibitor. It is important to consult a pharmacist when buying resveratrol because the dose should be suitable in terms of your height and weight for a maximum potency.

Raw Cacao

The antioxidant properties of flavanol in cacao repairs the damage in the cells, the most suitable place for the development of cancer. Cacao is also loaded with proanthocyanidins and polyphenols, substances that slow down the growth of cancerous cells. Beside its delicious taste, this is one more reason to include cacao in your food.


Tomatoes have their bright red color thanks to the natural pigment called lycopene, which as well is an angiogenesis inhibitor. A conducted study included over 51,000 people who consumed two servings of tomato sauce a week and there was nearly a 25% of reduction of risk.


In relation to the other fruits just 1 ½ cup of blueberries every day can reduce the risk of cancer by 57%. This is thanks to the antioxidant substance called pterostilbene.

By adding these foods into your diet, you will create a healthy armour towards any types of diseases, especially cancer. Protect your health in a healthy and tasty way.




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